As a parent in this day and age, it’s hard to get everyone to put down their screens and have a conversation at dinner. Yak has done that, and taught us things about each other we may not have known otherwise. We love Yak!

Lewis familyDenver, Colorado

This is one of the best ways I’ve found that after a long day I can get together with my kids and have them express their feelings. It is fun family time together that gets us all talking. I love that there are new questions daily. The music is all original and so much fun!

Melissa PezzaThe Mommyhood Chronicles

For years I have struggled to get my kids to open up and really talk to me. Not anymore, thanks to Yak Talk Back! The music and character voices make Yak so much fun for the whole family. Now my kids are actually excited to share their day and talk to me. The change has been absolutely amazing!

Ciara RobertsManchester, UK

Trying to get my kids to share their day is like pulling teeth.  Yak Talk Back changes everything – they can’t wait to play.  It always ends in smiles and laughs and I appreciate Yak’s thought provoking questions.

Nick JamesBend, Oregon